Power Yoga

Power “Vinyasa” Yoga is a term often used to describe a challenging, flowing series of movements linked together with breath. Vinyasa literally means, ‘breath-synchronized movement.’ At Red Dragon, we credit Power Yoga’s development and popularity to yoga leader Baron Baptise. This active, athletic style of yoga does not follow the exact same series of 26 postures as Bikram Yoga, though many Power Yoga teachers do incorporate a number of Bikram postures into their classes. Power Yoga students enjoy that Power Yoga classes ‘flow’ differently from class to class, and from teacher to teacher. The common link between Power Yoga and Bikram Yoga are the heated practice room and the profound physical, mental and spirtual rewards.

Why Power Yoga Is For You …

You will enjoy the benefits of Power Yoga no matter where you are in your yoga journey. Red Dragon offers both 60-minute and 90-minute Power Yoga classes. Your instructor will offer simple modifications to all postures throughout class so that you can progress at your own rate. Power Yoga is practiced in a heated room, though not quite to 105 degrees. But make no mistake, you will sweat! Power Yoga is an ideal complement to Bikram Yoga, offering a different set of physical and mental demands. Power Yoga’s endurance and strength-building benefits are appreciated by students involved in other sports and holds natural appeal to students who enjoy a class that challenges them to greater levels of fitness.

To learn more about Power Vinyasa Yoga visit www.baronbaptiste.com