Our Story

Red Dragon Yoga is a unique yoga studio and lifestyle center dedicated to the complementary practices of Hot Yoga and Power Yoga (a heated style of Vinyasa yoga). With two locations in Marin County—our original Mill Valley studio located minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge and our second location in downtown San Rafael, Red Dragon Yoga draws aspiring or continuing students from North, Central and West Marin, San Francisco, the East Bay and beyond.

We were the first yoga center in Marin to offer a combined program of both Hot Yoga and Power Yoga classes, varying in length from one hour to 90 minutes in a heated studio. The heat warms tight and tense muscles, coaxing them to safely move into new levels of flexibility. Some of our students find that one style suits them better, though most enjoy the benefits of integrating both yoga styles into their regular practice.

Red Dragon is a diverse yoga community you’ll soon be warmly welcomed into whether you’ve just walked in the door for the first time or have been practicing for decades. New students are often surprised to see that the ‘average’ hot yoga devotee is anything but typical here. Professionals, soccer moms, spunky seniors, mid-life movers and shakers, tattooed college students, recreational athletes and lifelong yogis and yoginis all supportively share studio floor space at one of our 82 weekly classes led by an inspirational team of instructors.

Red Dragon Yoga continuously is ranked as the top yoga studio in Marin County. Most recently, we were voted the Best of Marin in 2016 by Pacific Sun and Marin Magazine in 2016.

Why would such a diverse cross section of ages, sexes and sizes willingly gather for regular practice in our 105-degree studios? The short answer is: hot yoga helps every body feel good and look better. Come join us!