San Rafael

Red Dragon San Rafael, our newest and largest studio located on 4th Street in downtown San Rafael, opened its doors in November 2011 to more easily serve students in North, Central and West Marin, as well as the East Bay and beyond. Our brick-red historic building on the corner of 4th and G Streets is big and filled with natural light. It features a large practice floor, expansive lounge and reception area, roomy changing areas and showers, filtered water, the Red Dragon boutique and more.  Come join us at our second Red Dragon in San Rafael!

Practice studio features non-absorbent, non-slip textured floor made of recycled rubber. The entire floor is steam-cleaned daily to maintain a pristine practice environment.

Heating is a state-of-the-art system that delivers consistent temperature levels and maintains oxygen.

‘Fresh-air’ ventilation system filters outside air (not inside air) and returns it to the studio environment.

Eco-friendly houseskeeping practices include green, non-toxic cleaning products free of chlorine bleach and harsh chemicals.